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The origin of Candour dates from early September last year, where the idea was to sell “sustainable” t-shirts with relevant designs in order to generate some money we could then donate to combat the amazon fires in Brazil.

This event deeply struck us. And doing something about this wouldn’t be such a bad idea, we thought. However, a bit of research quickly led us to the realisation that our efforts would be nothing but a drop in a bucket.

Even worse, we would also directly contribute to a problem that could be considered even greater: the negative impacts of the current state of the linear fashion industry.

We could write hours about what is wrong and what must be improved, but we won’t bother you with that, yet. I’m sure most of you are aware by now. But a long story short: as a society we consume too many clothes and we throw them away too quickly.

There are dozens of reasons we can think of that have led us into this state of extreme consumerism. But the most important thing here is that we believe that you, the consumer, is not the one to blame.

After all, would consumerism be such a bad thing if our waste could be used as new resources for future products? Well, in the fashion industry it can. This is where our vision comes into play:

Why we exist:

We believe that the future of fashion is circular.

How are we going to get there:

By bringing our unique approach to fashion that seeks to bridge the gap between the industry and the consumer, and will be designed to reconnect us with the true value & stories behind the clothes we wear.

What are we offering:

Physical, circular fashion items and a digital & holistic brand experience, designed to offer you a revolutionary way to interact with fashion.

For now, we only want you to remember the circular product. But I can assure you that there is a lot more coming in the near future…